Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Various vocal performances, pop songs, choirs and guitars.

Choir performance.

Tonight i helped out in the main theater for C.A. choir performances by the middle and high school students.

It was quite fun.
We used 3 condensor (audiotechnica) microphones across the front of the stage and 4 SM 58 mics.

I set the panning stage left right and center for the condensors and added a l;ittle vocal reverb in the mix, i had to do a good amount of balancing and EQing as i went because the performers would move around on the stage and take solos at different distances from the mic.

The choir performances used varyed vocal ranges, so i tried to match the EQ to the range for each performance.

The SM 58`s were the same story, and we use a couple backing tracks on a separate channel, the volume of the recordings was a very low, so i had to push it all the way up to 12 db by the end of the song.

In between the performances various MIC`s were used for by the emcee, so i had to be on my toes and watch the stage closly for which mic he was going to pick up next.

3 performances were solo vocalists with SM 58 `s and an acoustic guitar (inexplicably using a SM 58 when there were 3 condensers on the stage! oh well).

It was a fun night.

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