Monday, 6 April 2015

This evening i got my first chance to enter the "Black box" and get a look at the lighting set up and the sound desk set up for the theatre.

I will be assisting the main engineer with some small performances and some preliminary stage and lighting work.

In addition i will be doing some audio engineering for a students recital.

The lighting will consist of a 5 area wash that will consist of 15 Source 4 lights suspended in the rafters and 6 LED Bulldogs.

The lighting desk is a digital ETC Element  light board.

I have never used this desk before, it seems to involve a good deal of pre recorded scenes and cues on various master buses around 160 in total.

The mixing desk is a Yamaha mg32 / 14 console, which i have actualy had a chance to use before.

The routing consists of 3 amplifiers for the three sets of speakers, box Monitor, stage wall and floor speakers.

They are also using 8 different wireless microphones and microphone receivers, a 8 pin XLR stage loom cable.

Lastly they are using phono to jack cables and mono/stereo splitters to bring in better quality BGM and sound effects from laptops etc on the stereo inputs on the desk.

Finally they are using an analogue light board for the main hall.

Can`t wait to get in there later this week and get started with the preliminary work.

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