Monday, 13 April 2015

Last night i ran the sound for 2 music performances.

A pretty simple night, we had 2 small orchestra perform on the stage.

At the start of the performance a student made an announcement using a microphone from the theatre box.

After that we had some BGM running through AUX 1 on the mixing desk, going to the main hall and the atrium.

There was a little confusion because the volume to the atrium was very low despite the fader being at +12Db.

I saw that someone had set the EQ levels almost to zero on the same channel, so that was soon put right.

The rest of the night ran smoothly, we had a wireless Sure microphone on the stage right, an overhead AKG for the whole stage,
a SM 57 for the tuba and a sure 57 for a baritone saxophone and a Keyboard which was running to the desk D.I. and back through the main speakers.

The only real work for the night was balancing the tuba, the saxohpone and the keyboard with the rest of the orchestra, I only had those 4 channels to worry about though.

After the performance we cleared up the stage, Microphones, cables, stands etc. Re positioned the piano, checked the doors were locked, cleaned between the isles, (someone dropped a door key) and turned off all the lights before going home.

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