Sunday, 6 December 2015

Just got back from doing my second string of live Vocal recordings in the main theatre. Sorry i missed the last entry it's been very busy with my own company etc. So i'll jump right in... I have a ongoing project with a Rock singer from the U.K., Good friend of mine and a fantastic vocalist. We worked on capturing his voice whilst he was singing live on stage in a medium sized theatre (roughly 200 seated). To achieve this we turned the crows nest into a recording studio! I bought my computer from my home and my AVID Mbox Fast track solo device and we used the live Mixing. TO make this work, The Vocalist used a microphone (Sure beta 58) on stage and routed it to the mixing desk (cH2) Then i took the output for the Fast track solo to a separate channel on the mixing desk. We were lucky to find some good instrumental tracks on youtube and imported them into the ProTools session and used them as the backing track. So to capture the vocals in protools whilst playing the music and the vocals back out into the Theatre i used the Group 1 and 2 outputs as the stereo inputs for the Fast track Solo. It worked like a charm, getting almost 0 Bleed on the vocals and still capturing a very live performance from the Singer on stage. In Pro Tools i used 4 mono tracks for the vocals. 1 as the recording track and 3 separate takes (2 of them remained Muted). The recording track had the output set as a unused Bus so that there was no feedback and i could stay in Grid mode and quickly pull the recently recorded track down to the Take one track and play it back to the vocalist with no feedback. This was a real fun project. Crazy thing to turn a Theatre into a recording studio, but thats just how we do it. Blessed.