Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Re hersals for the voice

Over the weekend a group called the voice, kobe led by Steven Yeung came into the BBT to do the first rehersals for a series of six plays they will be putting on next month.

Myself and the senior lighting technician have been making preperations for the lights for the past couple of weeks using the ETC lighting board, Source 4 19, 26 and 36 degree lights and bulldog LED lights.

Working of a 1-1 patch we set 2 side lights for each of the 5 areas on the stage.
Originally we had set the lights to come from stage left and right , however we made an error because the curtain will cover the up stage and the stage right, so we had to re-hang the lights to come from stage left and from the front as front lights instead.

The group also requester that the stage be 5 by 5 instead of 6 by 6 meters so we hadve to re adjust the lighting areas before the dress rehersals on the 10th.

The preliminary work made the rehersals very easy to manage, I set the areas based on where the actors were in the beginning of the rehersal and then gradually reduced the lights to use only the ones needed, I.E. instead of 2 lights on area 1,2 and 3, i would use maybe 1 light on area 1 and 2 and a led colour wash dependiong on the colour requested by the director.

I am quickly becoming familiar with the ETC board, i can now program Cue stacks, sub masters and change the LED colours, I saved each scene as a CUE as i went t/through the rehearsal and labeled them inside the Browser as the same as the play titles so that we have a good base to work from between now and the next rehearsals on the 10th.