Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Final preperations

Tonight, after having to re place the boards that will serve as the stage at the request of one of the drama teachers.

We Hung 5 more source 4 lights to serve as down lights, 3 19`s and 2 36`s.

Using the ETC we set the lights to submasters and made cue stacks for the different areas.

I made a magic sheet with all of the Lights and areas to work off of later on.

We used the shutters to cut the corners and make a wash to fit the stage.

We set five bull dog dmi lights to create a colour wash, we daisy chained the lights with the middle light as the master and used a terminator XLR to stop the signal.

We set the lights with a hard edge and left everything set up for sunday when the clients will come in to start rehersals.

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